• Art & Life

    Art: A created work that inspires, evokes emotion, stirs the mind and spirit...can even touch the soul. Life: The experience God has given us as we share Him, each other and all He has created through time.      
  • Sculptures

    There is a wonderful challenge in making art happen in 3-D! My leap into the sculpture world happened as unexpectedly as every challenge God has brought, but it continues to be one of the best I've been presented. So far at the Kyrie Gallery there are pieces in paper mache as well as some finished works in bronze.    
  • Christian Art

    It is my conviction that Christian art should stir the heart of the viewer. It should communicate meaning and depth as well as passion and emotion. I consider this aspect of my art to be directly God inspired -  most works are done strictly from what He puts in my heart and mind. The ideas and inspirations often come at the most unexpected moments. It is exciting to me to watch a new work unfold. While I am often given an understanding of what each piece is to communicate, my prayer is that God will speak to those viewing it in ways He has uniquely for them.
  • Abstract Art

    Granted, you'll find that my abstracts aren't fully abstract...they are surrealistic, creative representionalism, mixed. Ironic to me is that this kind of visual art that was once somewhat difficult for me to grasp is now my favorite form of expression! I have my thoughts and interpretations for every piece but love that each observer will have their own. Enjoy!